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Electric Side Steps

Next Gen Ranger




Electric Running Boards allow you to step in and out of your Ford Ranger. Open your door and the step automatically deploys, providing a secure 6” wide durable aluminum running board with an anti-slip surface. For additional safety and security, the integrated LED lights turn on automatically when the board deploys. Close your door and steps automatically retract, providing your vehicle with optimal ground clearance and protection for its rocker panel while preserving the look of your vehicle. With dual motors on each board, Go Rhino's electric running boards are reliable even in extreme climates. The magnetically-activated door switches leave your OBD port free for other accessories. Automatic safety stop and manual override capabilities are included. Boards are finished with a Textured Black Powder Coat and have black nylon endcaps.

  • Automatic electric side step immediately deploys and retracts when opening and closing vehicle doors

  • Dual-motor technology comes standard and is reliable in extreme climates

  • Equipped with easy-to-install, hands-free magnetically-activated door switches that leave the OBD port free for other accessories

  • 6” all-season, lightweight, durable aluminum running board with anti-slip surface provides a secure stepping areaIntegrated LED lights illuminate the running board when deployed, providing additional safety and security

  • Automatic ‘SAFE-STOP’ engages if an object in the board’s path is detected

  • Interior bypass switch to manually override automatic deployment when needed

  • Retracted running board provides optimal ground clearance and protects rocker panel while preserving the look of your vehicle

  • Up to 600 lbs. per side(for 4 Door-vehicle)

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