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Available for a range of 4x4s. 

$3,850.00 supplied & fitted

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the future is now

It’s a bold statement but we have the facts to back it up. HSP pioneered the electric roller cover in Australia, being the first to introduce a fully electric ute roller shutter into the Australian market with the ability to do ladder racks, crossbars and retain sports bars but that was in 2015 and while there may be other covers that offer what we did over half a decade ago, we can safely say that the Roll R Cover Series 3 has reset the benchmark.  

100% Australian Manufactured.

Yes, that’s right, the Roll R cover is the only 100% Australian made roll top, regardless of other companies sneaky play on words.. On top of building them in Australia, we decided to dig a bit deeper and have our manufacturing done in our custom-built facilities in Country Victoria, which has created so many Aussie jobs and is something we are very proud of. We also design and test the units locally. Oh and, we are 100% Australian owned.

What makes the S3 Roll R Cover so special?

We did the impossible. We create the worlds most advanced retractable cover, packed with patented features, made it look incredible, made it work with your factory sports bar, your factory remote, even your mobile phone and even priced it lower than less feature-packed imported units

Triple Operation Roll Top

The choice is literally in your hands! The HSP Roll R Cover gives you three methods of operation.

Your factory remote, yes that’s right your existing factory remote automatically controls the unit

A smart touchpad. Built into our super-sleek side rails, which allows you to open and close the unit with an effortless tap. And for security, the touchpad only works when your vehicle is unlocked.

Mobile Phone Application and SIRI integration: Simply download the HSP 4×4 App on your iPhone or Android device to control your roll top. Plus a bonus for Apple users and it even works your iWatch and Air pods with Siri integration.

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  • 100% Australian made and owned

  • Open, close, and pause in any position

  • Compatible with HSP Load Bar cross bar system

  • Heavy-duty aluminium

  • Full width integrated LED Strip Light

  • Built-in AI technology servicing warning light

  • Compatible with Sports bar

  • Operate via touch sensor built into side rail

  • Alternatively, operate via factory vehicle remote

  • Or operate via HSP Smart App (Andriod and Apple)

  • And finally, operate via voice command (using SIRI)

  • 100% Curtain retraction (maximizing tub space)

  • Small compact canister 

  • Mannix black premium black finish

The Electric Roll Top by HSP is the ultimate accessory to enhance your vehicle’s potential. Which is why The HSP Roll R Cover is Australias favorite roll top. With features such a built in LED light, advanced water drainage and the ability to open, close and pause the unit via a touch sensor, your mobile phone or even your factory remote.

We are, proudly the only 100%  Australian manufactured (not just made) electric roll top in the world


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