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20" Iridium Wheels

2015+ ford f150

Elevate your F-150's styling, stance and capability. 



  • Aggressive ROUSH styling for your truck

  • Strengthened outer “bead” area

  • 20×9-inch wheels with +18mm offset

  • Durable Iridium Grey finish

  • Wheel Only

Are you looking for the next upgrade for your 2015-2023 F-150? Designed to balance style, strength and character, the ROUSH F-150 Iridium Grey Wheels are the perfect addition to any truck. The wheels feature a strengthened outer bead area for improved durability off-road while keeping the centre of the wheel open to maximize airflow for brake cooling. The 20-inch wheels come coated in an off-road ready Iridium Grey finish and feature a +18mm offset. ROUSH wheels are rigorously tested and artfully designed to accentuate the details of your vehicle and take its styling to the next level.

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