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Long Range Fuel Tank

chevrolet silverado 1500

Long range fuel tank exclusive to Walkinshaw Performance.


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Australia is renowned for being a vast continent, whose size and beauty can best be appreciated by vehicle. Cruising this great land in a Chevrolet Silverado is arguably one of the best ways to travel, and it just got better, as this WP product allows you to travel for longer, uninterrupted.

Walkinshaw’s long range fuel tank was designed as a complete replacement fuel tank. It exchanges the OEM standard 91 litre tank and gives you an overall fuel capacity of 188 litres. Utilising the OE sender unit, the fuel levels are integrated with the factory fuel gauge and refuelling is still through the original factory filling point.

Our engineers have added impact resistance with a strengthened lower plate, and corrosion resistance by coating the straps with black zinc. We have also ensured that the upper surface of this product has ample clearance, making it compatible with the Walkinshaw Performance 5th Wheel Mounting Kit. Also compatible with Walkinshaw Performance cat-back exhaust, Silverado 1500 Fury Packs 1 & 2, and the GVM kit.

PACKAGE summary

► 188L long range fuel tank
► Replaces original tank
► Uses standard Factory Filling point
► Fuel levels integrated with Factory fuel gauge*
► Includes all hardware for fitting
► Walkinshaw shield stamped panel
► Strengthened lower plate for improved impact resistance
► Upper surface has clearance to accommodate Walkinshaw 5th wheel mounting kit
► Black zinc nickel coated straps for improved corrosion resistance


► Fuel tank

► Mounting straps

► All hoses & bolts required for fitment

► Walkinshaw Shield stamped panel


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