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Electric Jack Stand

chevrolet silverado 1500

Performance package exclusive to Walkinshaw.




Replace your manual jockey wheel with Walkinshaw’s Electric Trailer Jack!


Walkinshaw has engineered this product which bolts easily to your A-Frame making it simple to use. It comes complete with a fitting bracket which has numerous holes allowing it to be fitted to a variety of draw bar sizes in three recommended locations. Additional benefits include that it is suitable for trailer frames rated up to 450kg ball load, can lift up to 1500kg, downward stroke when combining travel of the motor & shaft is 700mm.


Wired to 12 volt power source or caravan battery, if your battery source goes flat you can utilize the back-up winding handle as a manual override function to adjust the draw bar up or down. It retracts up tightly back up against the draw bar mount, allowing the jack to be permanently fixed for convenience.

key features

Lift Height: 350mm on the adjustable foot / 350mm on the drive motor
                       Total Height = 700mm


Weight Rating: 1,500Kg
*450Kg on universal bracket supplied

► Integrated light for hitching in the dark

► Top-mounted spirit level

► Manual override with the supplied crank in case of a flat battery

► The universal bracket that fits multiple-sized trailer A-frames

► A high-powered motor capable of lifting up to 1500kg

► A large diameter solid foot prevents the trailer from moving when unhitched


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