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hamer 4x4

wickedly stylish 4x4 accessories

Available for a range of 4x4s. 


it's hamer time

Hamer’s range of products includes a broad selection of bull bars, rear bars, sports bars and other 4×4 accessories. Now designed in Australia, and manufactured in Thailand with top-grade materials, Hamer continues its rise to becoming one of the premium brands in the aftermarket 4×4 accessories industry.

Select and equip your vehicle with a hamer bull bar, sports bar, and any of the other 4×4 accessories. Discover more of the premium 4×4 accessories for your SUV or ute with Hamer 4×4 Australia, where certified quality, world-class design and safety all meet.


Hamer is dedicated to making the most innovative, effective bull bars on the market.

With the rise of 4WDs Australia, our bull bar range is constantly pushing the limits of function and design. From various accessory options to LED lights to the latest technology, our bull bars are developed for anyone who loves offroading.

With an exclusive retail network in Australia, efficient manufacturing, and years of experience as Australia’s trusted supplier of the highest quality bull bars, Hamer is here to help your 4WD stand out. All of our bull bars exceed ADR standards of approval in all states and territories, with fully functional airbag and crash sensors.

rear bars

Hamer’s rear bars put the ordinary steel tubes to shame. Our rear bars offer the best looks in the business, as well as the strength and durability to help you take your off-road excitement to the next level. You have control over many customisations like shackles, hitches, trailer balls, etc.

sports bar

Hamer roll bars are tough, rugged, and reliable, with quality that is second to none.

Tried & tested in rugged Australian conditions by our own team, it is easy to stand behind these products. Whether you’re looking to try offroading or just after some extra safety, our roll bars will keep you covered.