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PX3 Ranger

$825 - 1,140



Tickford’s signature deep-set grille design makes a bold statement and provides a unique look that will make your PX3 Ranger stand out from the crowd.

Tickford’s thorough engineering approach ensures the grille’s design does not compromise the pedestrian impact zones within the overall grille structure while ensuring a higher air-flow to aid the engine’s performance and cooling. Both visually appealing and functional it is the perfect addition to Tickford’s Ranger Power Pack or Exterior Styling products.

Grille Insert and Surrounds


  • Laser cut

  • Satin black finish

  • Improved air-flow to engine bay

  • Blacked out grille surround

Does not fit FX4

Grille Insert


  • Laser Cut Grille Insert

  • Satin black finish

  • Improved air-flow to engine bay

Does not fit FX4

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