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35th Anniversary Edition, Signed by Ryan Walkinshaw.

$26,400 + install

35h anniversay suercharger image.png

The Last Ever W497

This limited edition supercharger package signed by Ryan Walkinshaw is for those who wish to take the ultimate leap in performance.


there’s nothing better than the rush of a forced induction system. Our aim with these packages is not only deliver blistering performance but more importantly retain the drivability of an everyday road car. Engineered specifically for the Commodore and HSV range, the Walkinshaw Performance WP230 Supercharger is the leader in aftermarket fitment packages.


► WP230 Supercharger Package

     ► Large high flow injectors

     ► Eaton Twin Vortices 2300 Series (TVS) Gen VI rotors

     ► Water to air intercooler package

     ► Custom moulded heater hoses

     ► Cast aluminium coil covers

     ► Full dyno tune from an authorised Walkinshaw Performance Centre

     ► Unique Walkinshaw Performance roto-moulded cold air intake package

     ► Heavy duty serpentine belt drive system utilizing Goodyear ‘Gatorback’ belt

     ► 12” long intake runners

     ► Custom moulded intercooler hoses

     ► Self-contained oil system

► Walkinshaw Performance Ceramic Coated Headers

► Walkinshaw Performance Dual Active Cat Back Exhaust

► Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake

► Walkinshaw Performance ECU Calibration

► W457/497 Badging

► W Series Certificate of Authenticity

► Walkinshaw Performance Drive Line Warranty

POWER: 497kW AT 5560rpm | TORQUE: 855Nm AT 3690rpm


+ install

*Limited Stock Available.

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